Highgrade Media interview series on gender equality and mining

The gender debate is gaining momentum around the world. However, the mining sector has thus far been behind the curve. Up to this point, the conversation in the industry has been fragmented, sketchy, and to a large extent, reactive.

Highgrade Media, alongside gender-equality champions and Women’s Rights and Mining members GIZ and The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are launching a unique interview series on gender equality in mining that is set to shake up the industry.

The series captures uncompromising views of vested women and men; it takes a rigorous look at the unlevelled playing field in both the workforce and mining communities; it takes stock of the lessons learned so far, and it explores the policy options available to advance gender equality.

The series launches today with the release of this summary clip. All individual interviews and further material will be published during November and December 2019. The series can be accessed at www.highgrade.media