Women’s Rights and Mining Newsletter November 2019

We are pleased to introduce the first edition of the Women’s Rights and Mining Newsletter. We intend to make it a regular publication to keep you up-to-date and involved in our work to promote women’s rights in mining and mineral supply chains.


Newsletter Womens Rights and Mining November 2019


Highgrade Media interview series on gender equality and mining

The gender debate is gaining momentum around the world. However, the mining sector has thus far been behind the curve. Up to this point, the conversation in the industry has been fragmented, sketchy, and to a large extent, reactive.

Highgrade Media, alongside gender-equality champions and Women’s Rights and Mining members GIZ and The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are launching a unique interview series on gender equality in mining that is set to shake up the industry.

The series captures uncompromising views of vested women and men; it takes a rigorous look at the unlevelled playing field in both the workforce and mining communities; it takes stock of the lessons learned so far, and it explores the policy options available to advance gender equality.

The series launches today with the release of this impactful summary clip. All individual interviews and further material will be published during November and December 2019. The series can be accessed at




Webinar: Unlocking Opportunities for Women and Natural Resource Companies (November 14, 2019)

On Thursday, November 14, 2019 4:00:00 PM CET – 5:00:00 PM CET a free webinar will be held on Unlocking Opportunities for Women and Natural Resource Companies. This webinar is part of the Solutions for Women’s Empowerment Webinar series and is supported by the World Bank Group.


The webinar will feature a discussion with two of the authors of Unlocking Opportunities for Women and Business: a Toolkit for Actions and Strategies for Oil, Gas and Mining Companies. The toolkit provides step-by-step guidance to help companies reach their gender goals and systematically address barriers to equality and inclusion in the workplace, including gender-based violence, across the supply chain, and in community engagement and investment.


For more information and registration: click here


Meeting on Promising Practices in Gender and Extractives on 12 November 2019 in New York

On 12 November 2019 a meeting will be held on Promising Practices in Gender and Extractives at the Ford Foundation offices in New York to learn about best practices for incorporating gender into extractives projects. The event will also be livestreamed.


During the all-day event, the Resource Equity team and others will share insights learned from three recent case studies in Papua New Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, and Peru. There will be group and panel discussions about how to include women in extractive investments consultations, benefit sharing, and livelihood creation, from the perspective of businesses, CSOs, and communities.


Learn more and RSVP here: 


Webinar: How are we ‘doing’ gender? Oxfam’s gender impact assessment guide (November 6, 2019)

The International Association for Impact Assessment is offering a free webinar on 6 November at 9:00 EST: “How are we ‘doing’ gender? Crowdsourcing our experiences and tools, Oxfam’s gender impact assessment guide” .


This practical webinar will help impact assessment practitioners, project proponents, and regulators who want to learn more about bringing strong gender analysis into their work. Oxfam staff from North America and South East Asia will introduce Oxfam’s gender impact assessment (GIA) guide and share experiences with field-testing it at hydropower and mining projects in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The GIA tool is publicly available and involves strong community engagement exercises to establish baselines and develop action plans to address adverse gender impacts. For more details and to register, visit:



Successful Side Event at the IGF-AGM in Geneva

During IGF-AGM, Women’s Rights and Mining (WRM) organized an event to encourage participants to commit to start working on gender responsive due diligence in the mining sector. The event featured the OECD-WRM Gender Statement, which includes commitments on how governments, the private sector and civil society can work together to prevent gender inequalities along mineral supply chain. It also includes an interactive and engaging exercise that allows participants to experience how gender and other social markers – such as class and age – influence mineral supply chains. Moreover a teaser from the High Grade Media Video Series on Gender & Extractives was launched.

With more than 70 participants the event was a great success.









Webinar: Gender in Multi-Stakeholder-Partnerships (September 19, 2019)

Establishing gender equality in multi-stakeholder-partnerships (MSP) sustainably ….but how?


In an MSP, diverse actors work together to jointly tackle challenges on equal footing. However, gender inequalities often stand in the way of successful collaboration.


This webinar presents key findings of the newest study “Gender in MSP”. It offers practical tools as well as a case study to illustrate how to overcome gender inequality in an MSP.



–      Monday, September 16, 2-3pm CET



–      Skype for Business (see below) If you have trouble joining please try the link “Try Skype Web App



–         Welcome & Introduction: Lili Mundle (GIZ), Lisa Stellner (GIZ)

–         EITI & Gender: Practical Example by Alice Powell (Consultant, Gender & Extractives)

–         Key Findings of the study: Minu Hemmati, Anna Holthaus (Authors of the study)

–         Expert-Interview: How do theory and practice fit together?

–         Q&A




Join Skype Meeting 

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Webinar: Towards gender-sensitive implementation of extractive industries projects

In this webinar, hosted by the Institute, ICMM & IPIECA, you will learn how to enhance gender-responsiveness in extractive industry projects.

The webinar will take place on September 24th from 4-5pm (CEST).

Further information can be found here



Stakeholder Statement on Implementing Gender-Responsive Due Diligence and ensuring the human rights of women in Mineral Supply Chains

Paris, April 2019 – Women`s Rights and Mining together with the OECD Secretariat prepared a statement, taking into account input from members of the OECD Multi-stakeholder Steering Group and comments from participants in the session “applying a gender lens to due diligence and responsible mineral supply chains” on how states, the private sector and civil society can work together to prevent gender inequalities along the supply chain.


Please find the statement under the resources section or click here


Inspire! Marketing Coloured Gemstones Pitch Competition. Pitch on ‘Women’s Participation in the Gemstone Industry’.

Do you have an innovative idea to market coloured gemstones? Either to stimulate domestic markets or access international markets? Then submit your ideas to the Inspire! Marketing Coloured Gemstones Pitch Competition and you could win $10,000 to bring your idea to life!


How does the Inspire! Marketing Coloured Gemstones Pitch Competition work?

  • Open to all people who work on gemstones in East and Southern Africa
  • Submit your ideas and short video to this link by Sunday June 23rd
  • A panel of judges will chose the five best ideas/pitches
  • The five best pitches will be announced on Monday July 1st
  • Five finalists will be given training and guidance to develop an impactful pitch presentation
  • The five finalists will be sponsored to come to Nairobi, Kenya and present their idea to a panel of judges on July 10th at the Pitch Night, Mayfair Southern Sun, Nairobi, Kenya
  • At the Pitch Night – July 10th the judges will select one winner who will receive $10,000 to implement their idea
  • The five finalists will also attend the East and Southern African Coloured Gemstones from mine to market – challenges and opportunities July 10th – 11th Nairobi, Kenya

This is a unique chance to attend the East and Southern African Coloured Gemstones – from mines to market – challenges and opportunities July 10th & 11th and pitch at the Inspire! Marketing Coloured Gemstones Pitch Night July 10th. These first of a kind, highly anticipated events will enable delegates to connect with an audience of current and future leaders in the coloured gemstone industry that are gemstone miners, gemmologists, investors, lapidarist, geologist, policy makers, mining engineers, women in mining, buyers, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, researchers and community development practitioners from Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Madagascar, UK, Australia and USA.


Special thanks to our sponsors

  • Gemfields for sponsoring the Pitch Prize of $10,000
  • GIZ (the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) for sponsoring the Pitch Night
  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for sponsoring travel for the five pitch finalists

13th OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains, 23-26 April 2019, Paris

Women’s Rights and Mining is pleased to have collaborated with the OECD to create space for a dedicated discussion on gender and responsible mineral supply chains. Please join and engage with us in the following two interactive sessions:


The Power of Gender & the Launch of the Gender and Mining Encyclopedia, breakfast side-event of Women and Mining and GIZ on 24 April from 8.00 – 9.00 in room CC13


The Power of Gender is an engaging and insightful way to illustrate the gender impact in mining and mineral supply chains. The aim of this interactive workshop is for participants to reflect on how power and privilege affects peoples’ lives.


The Gender and Mining Encyclopedia will be also launched during this side-event. It offers a snapshot of the key actors, initiatives and programs in the field of gender and mining. It is published to help practitioners gain an overview of the sector and ideas for projects or collaborations.


Applying a gender lens to due diligence and responsible mineral supply chains, parallel session on 25 April from 11.15 – 12.45 in room CC1


The session will identify issues related to gender-specific risks in the minerals sector and provide an overview of gender focused mitigation strategies in responsible mineral projects. Presenters will provide examples of empowerment opportunities through mitigation strategies and highlight current gaps in identification and mitigation of gender-specific risks. This session will also be an opportunity to present and discuss a draft statement prepared by members of the Multi-stakeholder Steering Group on implementing gender-responsive due diligence.


New Women’s Rights and Mining website

In April 2019 Women’s Rights and Mining launched its own website

On this website you can read more about the objectives, activities and members of the Women’s Rights and Mining working group.

You can furthermore find different kinds of resources related to gender and mining, including research, assessments, tools, guidelines and videos.


Do you have resources related to gender and mining that can be posted on our site? Please email them to us via